My Stages of Being A Content Creator For Our Family Restaurant

Days 1-200

  • Not really sure what I’m doing
  • I’m just going to throw things at the wall and see what sticks
  • Engagement is in the 1-30 people range

Days 200-600

  • Doing more of the same thing but improving content production quality because of practice
  • Slowly growing engagement to 50-100 interactions/post
  • Starting to understand the deep role social media and content plays for a business
  • Business picks up and we get featured on a few local news blogs

Days 600-750

  • Producing multiple pieces of content per day 
  • Has a good grasp on the content our audience wants to see
  • Engagement is now 1,000+/post backed with a good reputation and brand

It’s impossible to get to Day 750 when it’s your Day 1. 

There are no shortcuts. 

Maybe you’ll get lucky and you won’t have to spend as much time as I have.

However one thing is certain.

You simply have to do the work. 

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