A Marketing Lesson From The Grocery Store

Last weekend I put myself on a mission to make blueberry milk for a coworker.

Why? I just wanted to make her day a tiny bit better.

To start, I needed blueberries so I made a trip to the grocery store.

To me, it didn’t matter what the blueberries costed. I looked for the nicest looking batch. No mold, no squish, no blue juice.


Was it the most I’ve ever paid for blueberries? I think so. But the price became almost irrelevant because my goal was to make my coworker’s day better with homemade blueberry milk.

I bought the $6.99 pack of blueberries and went home feeling like I was going to make the best blueberry milk ever.

What I noticed about this mundane process is this: the end result we seek influences our purchasing decisions.

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