The Secret To Mastering Your Creativity

It’s quite simple.

But first, a few simple questions.

What happens to children who learn to swim for the first time?

They learn to float, breathe, and kick.

They might not know advanced swimming techniques after their first few lessons, but they learn the basics so that they don’t drown.

The only way children improve at swimming is if they swim.


How do you learn to drive?

You begin by learning the basics.

You learn to read the road signs. You get a feel for acceleration and braking, so on and so forth. 

Hint: it gets easier the more you drive.

So what does swimming, driving, and mastering your creativity all have in common? 

Repetition. Practice. Whichever you want to call it.

It doesn’t matter if you want to draw, write, make music, dance, or act. All of it requires your patience and practice.

Think of it as your offering to the world before you expect to ask it for favours. 

Practice takes you to new places. 

Practice makes progress.

Practice is the secret to mastering your creativity.

It takes time (much more than most people would like to invest), and also, courage. 

I’ll end with this.

Anyone can see the secret to mastering creativity, but the only thing that differs everyone else and us is the thing we call, practice.

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