Writing the First Draft of my About Me

Yesterday I shared a simple list of questions to answer in order to write an effective About Me. 

Today I’ll be taking my own advice (as I know my own bio needs some work. I’ll be working out loud) 

Here goes my first draft:

My name is Anna Peng. My background is in design, but my heart is in branding and marketing.

These days I work with my parents at our family-owned restaurant in Scarborough (this is my way of giving back all that they’ve done for me).

During the nights, I write. I write about sharing work on social media, and things about creativity I feel like more designers could find helpful. 

I also co-run a business called Habit Factory with my friend Mikayla Koo, where we help new designers step up to their creative potential. 

Why do I do it? I believe we’re all here to contribute something. The 3 things I do is my current way of leaving my mark on the world. 

If you think we’d get along, I’m always looking to connect with new people. Send me an email at anna@habitfactory.space about anything and I’ll answer. 

Second draft soon to come.

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