8 Things I Learned Through Writing For 800 Days

  1. All bad writing contributes towards better writing
  2. Your target audience is hard to define when you first start. Your content becomes sharper and more focused the more you practice, share your work, and engage with others
  3. Share your work with your network. It’s the only way to learn how your writing performs in the face of others
  4. You can write regardless of any mood you’re in
  5. Day 1 feels exciting, Day 50 feels bleak but you’ll pull through, Day 100 is a milestone, Day 250 feels like something’s growing, Day 500 you’re building something interesting, Day 800 is momentum
  6. You’ll never know which stories or pieces will perform well until you share them
  7. A good written piece doesn’t appear simply because you spend a lot of time writing it
  8. A good written piece is good because you made your audience feel something
  9. Bonus: Typos happen

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