A Letter To Myself: Who Am I?

What does imposter syndrome mean? 

I admit, I have trouble internalizing that I’m any sort of creative professional.

Despite going through 5 years of design school,

Despite maintaining a daily blog about creativity for 2+ years,

It doesn’t feel like anything substantial.

Even after hosting countless workshops for creatives with The Habit Factory,

And even these past few years where I’ve done nothing but social media marketing for my parent’s restaurant. 

There’s an unshakeable feeling that somewhere down the line, the hypothetical rug from under my feet will be pulled. 

There’s a part of me who asks, what are we doing?

And another part who says, let’s keep going because we’ve got something good. 

(I’m not asking for comfort or reassurance. I think I’ll find my answers in due time) 

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