My Writing Routine

I love writing because it gives me a chance to think and solidify my thoughts.

So I thought I’d share my writing routine. Here goes. 

Every morning I sit down and start my writing. 

I give myself a few starters. 

My current favourites, 

“Today’s post is going to be about…”

“Things I learned about x”

“What’s a story that has changed the way I do things”

Or I pull from a list of headline starters I keep around on my note pad.

I try my best for all of it, but I have more bad blog posts than great blog posts. 

Not a good or bad thing. It’s just how it is. 

Writing gives my otherwise invisible passing thoughts a place to live. 

Some days the words easily spill out.

Other days it’s much harder to focus. 

Either way, the promise I made for myself is that an idea needs to be written down before the day is done. 

When that’s over with, we start over again the next day. 

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