The Secret To Writing Everyday

You want to start writing (for fun, and if it goes anywhere then great) but you don’t know where to begin.

You suspect it might be easy because all writing is simply a mix of 26 letters in different combinations and rhythms (at least in English anyways). 

After a few days of doing it, you realize you’re not getting the traction you imagined. Admitting to defeat, you call it quits and say writing just isn’t in the cards for you.

Deep down you know you want to keep going, but there’s another voice in you that says it’s too much work to improve. It’s not worth the effort. 


Most people quit when they feel their writing sucks, which is fine. 

If you don’t intend on being a part of the quitters, the secret is this: 

No matter how good or bad your writing is for that day, you still have to write. 

It’s part of what makes you get better at the craft of it all. 

You have to make a promise to yourself.

You have to show up at your desk, much like how you’d show up at your job. 

Yeah, writing for fun is like a job if you want to take it seriously. 



I won’t bore you any further.

The obvious secret to writing every day is to write every day. 

What’s less obvious is that you still have to write regardless of the outcome.

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