A No-Marketing-Dollars-Marketing-Strategy

No marketing dollars? 

Have a small business people should know about? 

Story of my life after I started working for my parents at their restaurant. 

They didn’t believe in the power of social media. They were skeptical. 

How would you know it would work? That was always the question in mind. 

Nevertheless, I insisted on having some sort of marketing strategy. 

So, I did this. 

Something I did for our family restaurant was to post 3-6 pieces of content every day for 2 years on Instagram or Tiktok (2 free prime locations for eyeballs). 

What I focused on wasn’t quality of posts, but quantity. 

My hunch was, and still is, that production quality doesn’t matter as much as we think it does. 

Instead, people look for a tribe (somewhere they belong, a community where they are understood). 

A place to belong gets the like on your video, which then gets the share, the attention, the follow, and eventually, hopefully, the sale. 

You may not have money, but ideas and prime distribution platforms are free. 

All you have to do is make content for a specific type of audience, and keep at it.

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