From Feeling Stuck to Writing Your First Blog Post in 3 Minutes

Sure, there are lots of writing tips, writing prompts, and general rules of writing out there that may or may not be keeping you from hitting the ground running with your first creative writing piece. 

But there’s another part to writing that most writers do not talk about, and that is how we think about writing. 

If you want to begin writing (for the sake of writing), carry on reading. 

Being a writer doesn’t depend on where you went to school. It doesn’t matter what you studied. 

Anyone can be a writer.

Instead, being a writer starts with you opening up a blank note and typing your personal thoughts, ideas, hypotheses, conclusions, insights, observations, reflections, narratives, etc. 

No need for fancy tools, expensive courses, or formal credentials. 

To be a writer, you must simply write. 

If you have an idea, you must take it and put it on paper (whether physical or digital). Explain your ideas so that someone else can understand it. Show them how what you came up with can improve their lives. Write like it’s an act of service to someone else. 

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