A Little Unperfectionism Goes A Long Way

Get out of your rut. 

Look for inspiration elsewhere. 

Go for a walk. 

Cut out your phone. 

Sure these things can help, but for how much longer are you going to look at inspo for? 

How many walks do I really want to take? (Sorry mom). 

And my phone. The very tool I need to use on a constant basis. Isn’t there a way to do great creative work while being self-disciplined enough to cut out distraction enough of the time? 

My personal solution to get out of creative ruts is to make unperfect work. 

(Yes, I know the opposite of perfect is spelled ‘imperfect’ but perfect spelling is besides the point. Unperfect is just that. Unperfect. Let that little red squiggly spellcheck indicator  do it’s thing)

Unperfect yourself and stop falling for the promise of “if it’s not perfect, it won’t be any good.” 

Get out of your rut. 

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