How to Move Forward with Your Creative Job Search

So you’re currently applying for jobs left and right. You have a vague idea of what to expect at your job and the impact you want to make. You’ve been looking through job applications day till night and you’re constantly facing rejection at every stage. What do you do? 

As I see it, you have 3 options. 

A. Continue doing what you’re doing. Perhaps by a stroke of luck, hard work, and grind, you’ll land the career you’ve been chasing for.  

B. You do absolutely nothing. You merely give up and put your efforts somewhere else that might reward you better for all the time you’ve been putting into applications. 

C. You invest a little bit of time to take a step back. You evaluate and define in what ways you really want to spend your waking hours. You refocus your energy into researching and developing a strategy towards your job hunt. You prepare yourself accordingly for the inevitable interview with a new company. 

Which of the 3 is the better option for you? 

If you picked C, the good news is that the Habit Factory is starting a new workshop specifically for UX Designers and UX Researchers on the job hunt. We have 2 incredible hosts—Mikayla  Koo and Sydney Cooling-Sturges—both of whom have been through the UX hiring process recently and can live to tell the tale of how it all went down. 

Learn how to: 

  • Navigate through tough questions
  • Nail whiteboarding challenges 
  • Send cold messages and build professional relationships
  • Present your work in front of a live audience
  • And more

We start February 22nd next week. If you want to join our UX Interview Sprint program, click the link below: 

For UX Designers:

For UX Researchers:

We have 2 streams of each program running at the same time, each with limited seats. 

Register for your spot in the workshop today. I’m wishing you the best of luck in your search 🙂 

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