Dear Recent Graduate: Everyone’s Thinking The Same Thing

Do I really like this? Is this really for me? If I continue, will it be worth my time and effort? 

These are the questions I hear increasingly more often from recent graduates and young professionals. If you’re asking yourself these questions too, you’re not alone. 

For many career transitioners, the field of UX has been a ripe option for change as UX is a very learnable skillset that comes in many forms and sizes (not to mention UX positions pay relatively well on average—60k isn’t shabby at all). 

If you’re a creative who is ready to enter the UX field and need some help polishing up your UX Interview skills, we have a workshop opening up this month that might be for you.

The UX Interview Sprint from The Habit Factory presents a series of exercises to help you succeed in your incoming interviews. Get practice doing white boarding challenges, portfolio presentations, and learn from our workshop hosts who have recently been through the UX hiring process as well. 

If you’re ready face change and find a career path that suits your needs, I hope you check out our workshop. 

If you’re a new UX Designer, go here

And If you’re a new UX Researcher, go here.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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