A 120-Second Writing Exercise You Can Do Every Day

For 120 seconds, you’ll be forced to put yourself in a situation where mistakes don’t exist. You’ll be put in a mode of creating for the sake of creating, and nothing else other than the act of doing. 

You’ll be doing mindlessly, but creatively, and also actively.

The reason why you do this, or a reason why you might want to try this, is so that you get out of your own head. We do this so that we can get out of a rut, or turn ideas into action. 

For 120 seconds, you’ll be writing everything that is on your mind. No stopping, no hesitations. Only writing. No edits, and grammatical issues don’t matter.

For 120 seconds you’ll be set free from any “rules” in play. The goal is to write, and to write purely for the sake of writing. About anything. It’s up to you. 

The gist of this whole thing is, you have to stop your regular brain from keeping your creativity at bay. So put your personal judgement and opinion aside, and go. 

When the 120 seconds are over, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with. 

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