On Working From Home

Mikayla and I haven’t seen each other in person for 2 years. 

It’s not because we don’t want to see each other. We both have full-time jobs aside from what we do at The Habit Factory. 

It’s because we can get just as much done together, asynchronously (sans traffic jams, finding workspace, and multiple hour-long commutes). 

I know it’s not the same as being together in person, but it still works for us.

And most recently from our homes, we put together a new workshop specifically for up and coming UX designers and UX researchers. 

If you want to land your first UX position this year, your job hunt is something you do not want to freestyle. 

Go in with a plan, and be prepared. We believe one of the best ways to learn about the current UX interview process is to be guided by someone else who has been through the process recently (i.e. within the past year). Our amazing program co-hosts are UX Researcher Mikayla Koo, and UX Designer Sydney Cooling-Sturges.

Join our UX Interview Sprint this month. Check out our workshops here

This will be the 2nd time we run this workshop, with many improvements from the last. We’re excited to bring this forward to the creative community. 

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