You’ve Just Graduated. Now What?

Do I go find a job in design?  Do I continue the path of a product designer even though I had little interest in doing so?  Do I work from home potentially making more money than my parents straight from my room, while they struggle to keep the business alive with COVID restrictions?

These were the questions I asked myself when the moment was upon me.

None of this felt right when I graduated 2 years ago. 

Instead of following the path I thought I’d be walking right out of school, I took a turn and decided to work for my parents at our restaurant. 

However, I knew back then that the restaurant business wasn’t what I wanted to continue in the long term. I needed to get my hands on something else. 

Around the same time, Mikayla and I started working on an online platform to help designers take their creativity seriously. We called it the Habit Factory. It’s been my pride and joy, and we’re in the process of opening up a new 14 day workshop to help UX Designers and Researchers land their first role in the industry. Sign ups have begun already. You can check out the UX Interview Sprint here:

The Habit Factory was my chance to stay connected with the creative industry. Deciding to work with my parents felt right (and 2 years later I’m glad to say that I made that decision).

Any advice for following a linear lifelong career path is dead in 2022. We’ve got options for success and sustainable happiness. It doesn’t have to stem from one type of job or a specific industry you’ve invested previous time into.

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