How to share more creative work on social media and kick perfectionism to the curb

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that you’re a designer, artist, freelancer, or creative. There is an equally high chance that you’ve wanted to post more of your work on social media, but stopped yourself from doing so because of one thing we all call: perfectionism. 

Throughout all my years of creative work, I always felt like when I had a chance to present my work in front of an audience (big or small), it had to be perfect. Anything less than was a creative crime. It sounds silly, but it’s all too real and I see it time and time again with creators all over the world.

The problem was that I was putting so much pressure on myself to upload the perfect post. I was under the impression that whatever I posted had to be liked by others. I thought showing pictures of process work or “ugly” design would be the end of my career when it hadn’t even started. I couldn’t help but feel icky if I posted something I wasn’t overly proud of on my feed.

The cycle kept repeating until one day, I said to myself, “No more.”

I knew that it if I couldn’t get over my personal case of perfectionism, I wouldn’t be able to grow past where I was.

My solution was to take a leap of faith—in myself that I would survive after posting ugly pieces of writing, and in the circles around me that they wouldn’t hate me for posting “absolute garbage” on their home feed. To my disbelief, everything ended up being okay. No one was hurt. Heck, nobody even cared (thank you, reality).  

Two years of sharing ugly work later, I feel a lot more free from perfectionism than where I used to be. Needless to say, it feels great. 

While there are more areas to improve in my work and content, I’m glad I was able to get a big hurdle of mine out of the way. 

If you liked this story and want more, follow my work on WordPress. I write something like this every day (keep it mind, it might be ugly but I’ll still share it). 

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