Creativity is an act, not magic. Creativity is built, not only reserved for a few.

One core belief of mine is that creativity is in all of us. But it really shines in those who make creativity something to deliberately work towards. 

The Habit Factory has proven that any designer or artist can sit down and build on their creative skills together as a community. 

Last year we launched the Portfolio Campfire workshop, which is a 21 day workshop to help designers kickstart and deliver their website into the world. It will come back again this March and we’re excited to help new creatives begin their careers. 

This year, we started the first run of our UX Interview Sprint. A workshop dedicated to UX designers and UX researchers looking to land their first role in the industry. Sign ups for our next cohort have already begun. 

Your creative career is worth investing in.

If you think so too, sign up for our newsletter for updates on new workshops. Hope to see you there this new year.

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