Let Me Introduce Myself

Today I thought to reintroduce myself through my daily piece. Here goes:

Hi my name is Anna and I help designers find their creative confidence. Check out what we do at The Habit Factory for more.
—hm, not quite. 

Hi! My name is Anna and I help new designers level up and find their creative confidence through community-centred online workshops. See what it’s like to join at The Habit Factory
Almost?  Last attempt.

Hi, my name is Anna and I help designers take their creativity seriously. If you want to level up with us, follow our work at The Habit Factory

It’s great to meet you. If you want to stay connected, follow me on WordPress. I write daily about my life (a conglomerate of experiences working with my parents at our family restaurant, while also building up what I believe to be an outstanding creative community called The Habit Factory <— Check her out). 

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