Get Over Perfectionism: How to post your design work on social media without feeling self-conscious about it

In 2017, I wanted to be an illustrator. I was drawing a lot in my sketchbook, and I was hearing a lot of people around me say they wanted to share more of their work on social media. The thought of posting my work on Instagram was always on my mind, however I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I was worried my work wasn’t good enough. 

Now let’s stop right there and break things down. There are a few simple questions to ask yourself when you’re having this seemingly mundane conversation in your head. 

If you’re stuck saying, “I’m worried my work isn’t good enough”—who exactly is saying that? Who exactly put that question into your mind? Good enough for who? 

If you’re someone who gets stuck at “my work isn’t good enough” and you want to change that, I hope you keep on reading. 

Let’s circle back to the 3 questions. Who exactly says your work isn’t good enough? Who is putting a line of insecurity through your head? Who are you trying to be good enough for? Who comes to mind? 

For a long time, the “person” who was giving me feelings of insecurity and doubt was a mix of my mom who always made a push for more, and some random uncle who made fun of my drawings one time when I was maybe 8.

My mom was constantly telling me that my work could be better.  That random uncle made me feel like my drawings were dumb. 

It took me 2 years later to sit down and answer these simple questions. I’ve made a mental switch since then. 

Again, who has told you in the past that your work isn’t good enough? Who puts the feeling of inadequacy through your mind? Who are you trying to be “good enough” for? 

If you’ve been telling yourself that your work isn’t good enough every time you’re about to hit that “Share” button on Instagram, Behance, your blog, or any other public space, I hope this helps. 

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