Lessons Learned from the Restaurant Kitchen

  1. Mise en place dummy—put the thing back where you found it so you can find it again later when you need it.
  2. Preparation is everything. If you’re too busy right now to steam the rice ahead of time (which takes 45 minutes), you won’t have any meals to serve (for 45 minutes).
  3. You need a lead. Everyone has their own way of cooking noodles. Everyone has their preferred brand of soy sauce. Everyone has their personal rule of thumb for chopping onions. However, not everyone should be having it their way in the kitchen. There needs to be a lead voice.
  4. Know every single position in the kitchen, but don’t do every single position in the kitchen. The kitchen is a hectic place. If a staff member calls in sick, you need to know how to fill in the gaps so that you can continue service. 
  5. Lastly, be flexible. Food is food and food is flexible. 99% of the time, things won’t be perfect and that is okay. 

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