My Story of Starting A Creative Business

In 2015, Mikayla Koo and I met each other in class (it was Form & Structure). We didn’t talk much, but I thought Mikayla’s work was pretty neat.

The following couple of years were kind of a haze. I don’t recall ever having a chance to get to know this incredible human being (now business partner) until our final year in school.

In 2019, Mikayla and I found ourselves at OCAD University starting our 5th year of study. It was our thesis year, and again we found ourselves in the same class. 

Somewhere down the line that year, we met up in front of a white board and that’s when we really got to know each other. 

The following picture is a brainstorming session we did for what was the initial version of the Habit Factory (a 4-week passion-project bootcamp called Marathon). 

Believe it or not, I haven’t seen Mikayla in-person for 2 years but we’ve been working together since that day.

Now at the start of 2022, we took another step forward with our business, The Habit Factory. I’m proud to announce the launch of our newest workshop called the UX Interview Sprint. It’s specifically for UX designers and UX researchers looking to land their first serious role in the industry. We’ve got Mikayla Koo herself to lead the UX Research cohort, and Sydney Cooling-Sturges to lead the UX Design cohort. 

I’m beyond grateful to learn from these talented, hardworking folks. 

If you know anybody who would be interested in joining this UX Interview Sprint, please do them a favour and share this opportunity. It’s not everyday that we offer this workshop. In fact, there are only 3 seats available in each section because our team wants to give their full attention to our members. 

The UX Interview Sprint starts this January 17th. If you know of anybody who wants to register for their spot, the link is here:

If you’re reading this, I hope 2022 starts off on the right foot for you.

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