Everything I learned about building a social media following for a Chinese restaurant

  • Most older Chinese restaurants won’t get social media. The newer ones might get it. Most of them won’t though (for now) 
  • There are negative people but there are also awesome people. Most of the time, the awesome people will outnumber the negative people (thank goodness because I’m human) 
  • You can’t build a following when the only things you post are promotions and sales pitches. You have to throw good stuff (something that educates, is funny, or is helps the consumer in some way) in the mix
  • Many Chinese restaurants sell similar menu items. Why they might buy yours over another restaurant’s is because they like your social media and they keep seeing your posts instead of theirs 
  • Sometimes the posts you think won’t do well are the ones that do really well (and will convert more sales you think it should deserve)
  • You’ll surprise yourself with the amount of good relationships you’ll make. I’ve gotten a lot of pleasant surprises from complete-strangers-turned-customers-turned-kinda-friends (I’ve gotten a share of Halloween candy from someone’s daughter on my birthday once, because she saw a video of me asking for birthday reviews on Google)

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