Personal design take: your ideas only matter when you do something about them

I know, we all have opinions and ideas and we think they’re everything. However, the harsh reality is that our ideas are everything to ourselves, but mean absolutely nothing to anyone else.  That is, until we do something about our ideas. 

A few years ago, Mikayla Koo and I had an idea to start a program aimed for art and design students in our school. The goal was to gather a community of people so that we could complete a personal passion project together within 4 weeks. The end result was a show and tell of everyone’s projects. 

Before we started, the whole idea of it sat around with me for weeks, and I was convinced that it would work because it sounded so cool in my own head. *Wow, a whole bunch of creative students working towards a common goal. We’re going to brand it, market it, have sandwiches and pizza, and it will be so great—*

The only thing was, nobody knew about our awesome community. Not until we actually did something about it and ran it twice, right before the dawn of COVID.

Until we take an idea and prove it to ourselves and the people around us that it’s real, all we have is just another unproven set of hypotheses. 

Your ideas only matter when you do something about them. 

PS. We’re back again at The Habit Factory, and this time we’re opening up a workshop just for UX designers and UX researchers. If you’re looking to nail down your next interview with confidence, you’ll need some practice first. Check out our newest workshop called the UX Interview Sprint. It will be hosted by our own Mikayla Koo and Sydney Cooling-Sturges. See what they have to say about the program here

If you’re just beginning your journey into UX, I hope to see you there.

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