Why You Should Take Your Creativity Seriously This 2022

One of the biggest regrets I suspect some colleagues and other friends might have within the next new year will be this: 

Not taking yourself seriously when it comes to creative careers and endeavours. 

How many times do you look back and regret not starting on the project you keep thinking about? How many times do you wonder “what if”? 

This is the year to take your creativity seriously.  Now you might be asking, how does one even begin to take one’s creativity seriously?  My answer to that is what we’ve been working on at The Habit Factory. 

This January, we’ll be launching a new workshop specifically for UX designers and UX researchers looking to get their foot into the door. It’s called the UX Interview Sprint. If you know of anybody who is thinking of joining the UX industry, you can do them a favour and let them know of this incredible 14 day program we’ll be offering this new year. Go follow our page at http://www.thehabitfactory.space and sign up for our newsletter for our updates. 

Take your creativity seriously this 2022.  Happy new year.

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