Dear Freelancer, Why Are You Holding Yourself Back?

You’ve got work to share, yet you’re holding everything back. What gives?
Most creatives don’t feel comfortable posting their work because they worry about what other people might think. That’s why many people put a lot of time into improving their quality of production before anything else. 
I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry too much about your production quality on social media. Instead, you should worry about what your clients want. 
Your clients don’t want to see you in 4k, they just want to know how they can woo their partners with a commissioned portrait drawing. 
They don’t care about how much you spend to edit your videos, they just want to get their logo delivered on time. 
They don’t need to see your fancy studio, they just want to have their work done by someone they trust.
When you don’t have expensive production equipment and processes, you can still serve the needs of somebody else. 

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