3 Key Things You Need to Build A Small Business Brand in 2022

  1. A social media presence. Not necessarily a following, but a presence. Again, not thousands and thousands of people following you, but a general awareness that you exist. People need to know you exist and can offer something they want. You can build a presence by consistently posting content and engaging with people in your field. 
  2. A website. This is where people can find more information about you, and also purchase your goods or services. A website can range anywhere from $ to $$$. There are lots of options for you to choose from, but consider this an investment worth spending money on. 
  3. Willpower. This one isn’t something you can buy. Why you need willpower is because it takes a ton of time to build a brand worth listening to (I’m looking at 3-5 years of consistent work). While you might start something in 2022, it might be until 2027 where you strike a real chord with the world around you. You’ve been warned, you have to be doing this for the long-run. 

That’s it. These 3 are at the top of the list amongst many other things I would consider necessary for a new small business brand in 2022. Of course, everyone’s lists will vary and this list merely comes from my personal experience of running multiple small business brands. 

I hope you’ll use these when you take on your new project next year. Thanks for reading. 

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