Get Over Artist Doubt

When I used to do design commissions, I remember I would always put myself over my clients. Meaning, I would always listen to my inner critic first before hearing what my clients would say about the work.

If I thought it sucked, I thought the client thought it sucked too.  If I thought it was really good, I thought the client thought it was really good too.  Turns out that’s not how things really work.

How I got over my artist doubt was by asking these simple questions to myself: 

  1. Who is the work for?
  2. And does it meet their expectations? 

When we reframe our thinking into these 2 questions, we stop thinking about whether or not we like the work we’ve created. Instead, we focus on the client instead. 

By shutting down your artist doubt, you start to see how your work is actually perceived by others. 

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