There Are 2 Types of Feedback You Can Get As A Designer

A. Helpful feedback

B. Non-helpful feedback

If you’re showing your work and someone makes a comment (i.e. it looks weird, can the logo be bigger?) it’s useful to categorize what kind of feedback it might be. 

Helpful feedback gives insight. It helps us see what might be more valuable for whoever we’re trying to serve. Helpful feedback helps us see what we might not have seen. 

Non-helpful feedback is everything else. It’s the cynicism or the blind over-encouraging. It’s the self-centred comments that don’t consider the end user. 

The next step after sorting through your feedback is to take action. Now that you know what’s helpful, show us what you can do with it. 

As a designer, it’s our job to figure out what feedback is helpful and non-helpful. It’s not our job to design for everybody who has an opinion—we only serve a select few at a time. 

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