How to Come Up With A Business Name That Sticks

There are 2 ways we can go about naming our projects. 

  1. Be very direct and straightforward. These names work because it takes away any guesswork a customer might have about the products/services being offered.
    • For example, “Rocky Mountain Soap Co”, “Butter Baker”, “Eddies Piano Company”, or “Canada Computers & Electronics”
    • The main product or service is already in the name, so potential customers don’t have to guess what it is that you do. Your business name automatically does some of the marketing work for you. 
  2. Choose a word or phrase that is not directly related to your product/service. These names are harder to work with because they need extra explanation (which may or may not work for your brand). 
    • For example, “Frank and Oak” is a clothing store. “Crush” is the name of a soda brand. “Ford” is named after Henry Ford, who made some of the most significant moves in American automobile history. Our own “Habit Factory” falls under this category as well. 
    • When you have a project that falls under this second category, your branding will have to work harder in order for people to understand what it is you offer. 

These are the 2 simple ways you can choose to name your projects. Whether your name takes off or not depends on how well other people are able to resonate with your brand. 

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