How to Market Yourself as A Designer

If you are anything like me, the thought of somebody accidentally stumbling across your work and wanting to work with you based off of your infrequent artsy posts ran through your mind (at least once). You are waiting to get found. Unfortunately this is far from how reality works. 

So back to the question, how do you market yourself as a designer? For starters, the world needs to know you have great design work to share. So first things first, what kind of designer are you? This instantly helps people understand what you do. 

Next, where can they find you? Are you easy to find and contact, or do you hide all your information in secret sections of your website tucked away on the 3rd page of Google? 

Lastly, how are you helping them find you? It’s a saturated market out there. Through which platforms will you be letting people know about your work? More importantly, are you on the same platforms as your customers? 

If you want to get out of the “waiting to get found” mindset, you need to start marketing yourself as a designer. 

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