What Happens to Creatives Who Don’t Share Their Work?

I was on lunch at the restaurant when a customer of ours came by to chat. He told me an interesting story of a man who used to sell egg waffles by a local plaza. 

He told me that this man’s egg waffles were the best he’s ever had, even across several countries, and they used to be right in our city.

They must have been really good. So good, that someone offered to pay $50,000 for the recipe when he retired. 

Cool. But instead of selling his recipe and sharing it with the people around him, he chose to keep the recipe to himself (apparently it’s going with him to the grave with nobody in his family picking the craft up). 

I’ll never get to try those incredible egg waffles. Neither will 99.99% of people in Toronto. 

Why? Because this artist was unwilling to share his art.  It’s not right nor wrong to hoard what we have, but great ideas with lots of potential die because we don’t allow them to live beyond just ourselves. 

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