In a world where you can buy a black belt, it doesn’t mean you’re really at a black belt level

As a kid I used to attend Tae Kwon Do classes with my brother. Every once in a while, there would be a huge test for all students in the academy. If you wanted to advance to the next coloured belt, you had to pass the test. 

Of course, since the school was also a business, it was in the master’s best interest to advance as many students as possible to keep them paying for classes. 

Everyone would be in the same room on test day. If you didn’t put in enough time and effort into training, it would show in your form and everybody could see it. The same goes true for everything else we do as designers. Sure, we can earn a designer’s title when we go through design school. However, that doesn’t mean all designers produce work at the same quality. It doesn’t mean that all designers share the same level of skill and passion either. 

Just because you hold a title for something prestigious or in-demand, you might fool a few people. But once you begin to show your work and how you move, that’s when bad players lose the game.

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