Rewind: How I Would Take my Illustration Career Differently

Here’s how I would take my illustration career differently if I were to rewind 3 years:

  • I’d post a lot more process and sketchbook work on social media (i.e. videos of me drawing, photos of my rough sketchbook work, and practice drills)
  • Take on all illustration gigs (even when for free or for low pay) and learn how to negotiate + find my value in the market while doing school/working
  • Draw local brands at least twice a week, and tag them when I post. This would create a relationship with each business as I go

I wish I took my illustration work more seriously when I was still freelancing. Of course, this is only something I can say after the fact when I’m no longer doing freelance work.

Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday, but for now I’ll leave this as a rough guide if anybody wants to pick it up. 

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