Parents. They Never Listen

When I was in high school, my parents were constantly on my back telling me to work harder and get good grades. 

When it came to university, my parents wanted me to go into a brand name school that would offer perceived status and guarantee opportunity upon graduation. They weren’t over the moon when I didn’t.

After graduation, my parents wanted me to find a job that would keep me financially stable and in good social standing. I decided to join them in their restaurant business instead, even when they told me I shouldn’t.

Parents will always have pizzazz to sprinkle onto what you’re doing.

Now, I get a lot of comments from other people’s parents telling me that working in a restaurant with my family isn’t a real job. I’m told that I should find “a way out” every other week.

Not once did any of them ask what I wanted to do, what made me happy, and how I was doing. Little did they know I like the grind of making our family business one of Scarborough’s favourite gems. I like giving back to my parents the time and energy they put into raising me. And I like being on the receiving end of so much doubt.

Parents will always have their experiences and opinions to impart on people like us. We don’t have to take their advice, but we have to understand where they’re coming from.

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