My Everyday in 31 Sentences

The time is 9am. 

I eat breakfast and drink my tea. 

I sit down to do some writing. It’s a daily practice of mine that I do for fun. 

I get dressed, then head to work.  It’s a 25 minute commute. 

At work, the first thing I do is pick lemons to go into cups.  Most of the time I get interrupted—by customers.

Take orders and fill lemon cups (that’s my regular morning at work). 

Finish lemons. Lunch rush begins.

The phone rings back to back to back.

Now I’m constantly running in and out of the front desk and kitchen to fulfill orders. 

The time is 12pm. 

Sometimes customers get fussy, most of the time they’re cool.

It’s now a steady flow of orders in and orders out.

Staff lunch rolls around. Then it’s right back to serving people and cleaning up from our lunch mess.

It’s a more peaceful time now.

I clean and wash tons of dishes. Enough dishes to feed a small village.

6pm, dinner rush begins. It’s not as hectic as lunch (but sometimes it is. It’s hard to tell).

My legs are tired from standing all day.

Clean up, close up shop, go home.


It’s 10 pm and now I get to work on the other half that brings me pride and joy—The Habit Factory. Shower and cool down.

Read. Sleep. Repeat.

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