When and How to Say No To The Client

Something I struggled with in the past, and still to this day sometimes, is saying no.

I struggle with telling other people “no” because it makes me feel like the bad guy. I believe it’s because it’s a way for me to keep the environment around me nice and kind. However, within the past few years I’ve realized saying no is also part of maintaining a healthy personal (and work) environment. Not to mention that “nice” isn’t actually being nice when you’re holding yourself back from saying things that should be said.

When a customer asks for something off-menu and it’s during peak lunch rush, the answer is no. Why? Because it would ruin work flow and cause delays for everyone—not a nice move.

When you say yes to new client work and proceed to ghost the client because you can’t take them on, it doesn’t make you appear more professional. In fact it does the exact opposite—not a nice move.

Last one. When you say yes to all changes a client might request (even though you know perfectly well it’s in bad taste and judgement), who are you really benefitting?

It’s a work in progress for me.

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