How to Find Your Next Opportunity

Sometimes we forget the internet is full to the brim with opportunity. Many of these opportunities might not be found in the most obvious places.

In 2019, I wanted to learn more about marketing, so I Googled the words “marketing agency in Toronto”.

I clicked on the first few places that popped up that weren’t ads, and I emailed them the following message: I am a student studying design, and I would love to spend my summer learning and interning at your agency. Here is my portfolio. Please email me back if you need an extra hand in your project work. I would love to work with you for free.

Of the 4 places I emailed (yes, just 4), I heard back from 1.

I worked with that organization for a summer. Here’s what I got from it:

1. Exposure to a different network of people and organizations

2. Exposure to an industry different from what I was used to

3. Experience in marketing, writing emails, and making presentations for other people.

Though I got paid absolutely nothing, I learned more about the working world and how people think about getting their work done. It was more than I could ever ask for from 3 months of work.

From that experience, I learned that most opportunities aren’t on places like job boards or LinkedIn. You just have to make them yourself.

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