Putting in 10,000 hours is the cost of entry to pursue your *thing*

The math is straightforward, so I’ll use words instead.

People who write for a living write a lot. They write every day, for hours and hours.

Athletes, people who play sports really well, got really good at playing their sport because they put in a lot of time to practice.

And, all Michelin star chefs have been cooking for the bulk of their lives. It’s not by accident that they achieved their status. Rather, it’s the time and energy they put towards their art.

If you want to become a successful illustrator, designer, photographer, podcaster, freelancer (or anything else really), putting in hours of practice isn’t optional. 

The cost of entry in whichever field, is the amount of hours you’ve spent doing.  And like any investment that grows over time, the best time to begin is now. 

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