Social Media has Fundamentally Shifted How we Run Our 20-Year Old Chinese Restaurant

My mom used to tell me not to waste my time on Instagram and Tiktok. I didn’t listen to her back then, but now she’s the one telling me to post content everyday.

How did this happen? 

When we first started using Instagram and Tiktok, we got to reach people in our local neighbourhood. As a restaurant, these people are all potential customers.  Over time, because we kept building our community, we got more and more people to visit us. Now, a bulk of our current customers keep up with us on social media. 

What does this mean?

It means that social media platforms are a serious business tool that need to be taken seriously.

How does it affect you?

Social media is about to become a more sought-after skill, rather than the afterthought it currently is for many businesses. It is a resumé-worthy skillset.

If you enjoy connecting and engaging with people on digital platforms, social media might be your next serious job. 

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