If you’re having a bad day, keep your head up: it’s all a part of the bigger picture

Around half a year ago, I was serving a customer and her partner at the counter of our restaurant. 

“Your total is going to be 21.25.” 

She looked at me. In addition to paying for her order, she also said the following 2 words in a compassionate manner:  “Bad day?”

She didn’t have to say anything more. Yes, I was exhausted from work and was at the receiving end of service troubles all day. It just happened to be that she was being served by me, who was having indeed a bad day.

At that moment, I realized just because I was having a bad day, didn’t mean the rest of the world was having a bad day. Even though it seemed like the world was being completely unfair and harsh, it was simply what I was feeling at that particular moment in time. 

So while bad days and bad moments are personal, they’re just a speck of the bigger picture. Keep your head up and keep going.

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