Getting Over My Fear of Sounding Like A Broken Record

I feel like I’ve been repeating myself for days, but I think that’s just an insecurity in my own head. Here’s my spiel, one more time.

Build a portfolio that you’re proud of, not just one that you think would get you a job.

I’m really excited to be opening up our portfolio building workshop at The Habit Factory tomorrow evening. 

If you’re a designer looking to work on your website, this is your chance to get the work done. Making your portfolio by yourself is good, but working on your portfolio alongside a group of other creatives is even better. 

In our workshop, you’ll experience that building your portfolio is not only a tool for work, but a tool used to tell as story about yourself. 

I’m looking to round up friends and friends of friends for our upcoming 21-day portfolio building workshop—it starts tomorrow evening. If you know of anybody who wants to build their website and meet dozens of new creatives, please tell them to email me personally at

I’ll see you there!

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