The best way to grow your creativity is by using it and being okay when things don’t work out

There were multiple times I had ideas that didn’t go the way I thought they’d go.

Here’s one.

At our restaurant, I’ve launched 2 online cloud kitchen concepts in the past year.

I thought sales were going to go through the roof. I thought we were going to make it big with these 2 different delivery ideas. 

As soon as we launched, nothing.

Days passed, zero.

Months passed, zero.

In the span of probably 3 months, we had maybe 5 sales as a result of our project. 

Not my proudest moment. Although had I not tried it, I would have never known it would be so bad. 

It was a complete flop, but now I know slightly better. 

Learn and go,

Learn and go,

Learn and go.

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