The Gut, Immediate Reactions, and Doubt: When to Take A Leap of Faith

A month ago, we took a leap of faith at The Habit Factory and did something we’ve never done before: We took everything we had and stretched it beyond what we believed we were capable of.

The rest of this post is me recounting how it went down.

A few months earlier, the Habit Factory partnered up with the incredibly generous team at Design Buddies to host a workshop specifically for their Discord community. We didn’t know how many people would be interested. We didn’t know what the workshop would end up looking like. We just wanted to do a project with someone else who had similar goals as we did. 

At the Habit Factory, we were used to hosting workshops with 20 people. It was small, intimate, and we knew everybody there. Little did we know, parts of that were going to change as our capacity was going to quadruple. 

At first I was excited. It was something we haven’t done before, and I was looking for new ways to grow. When we were actually going through the logistics, there was a feeling of “oh no”—are we going to be able to do this? 

Then, we were doing it. The workshop kicked off. All my doubts washed away as our talented and hardworking teams made the whole program happen.

The first day was done. Then it was mid-week. Then it was the final week. In just 14 days, the workshop came to a close.

I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t any doubt or fear from my end during this whole time frame.  The whole thing was a leap of faith. When you take one, you learn what you’re capable of. 

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