A Room with One Head vs. a Room with Fifty Heads

Building a portfolio website is hard.

It’s even harder when you’re stuck in a room all by yourself and have nobody tell you what might help make it better before you start using it everywhere. 

The Habit Factory is back (and we’ve rebranded!). Our most beloved workshop for design students all over the world is open for registration.

In our portfolio-building workshop, we don’t tell you how to build the best portfolio (because you can just google that). Instead, we guide you into finding who you are as a designer. We help you show off your strongest qualities as a creative professional. You’ll also be surrounded by a (virtual) network of other designers just like you. 

If you’re reading this, you’re likely somebody we’d love to have on board. Go check out our workshop details here https://www.thehabitfactory.space/portfolio-campfire and join our upcoming cohort this October. 

Finding yourself isn’t a piece of cake, but those who have gone through our workshop tell us that it’s well worth it. Hope to see you there.

PS. It would also help if you shared this workshop with 2 other friends. If you aren’t able to join our workshop but want to in the future, just sign up for our newsletter to get updated on when new cohorts come up.

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