The Conversation We’re Having About Passion

I was working yesterday night when one of our regular customers came up to me and asked what I studied in school.

“Industrial design” I said.

He asked if it was my passion. 

I said no. 

He grunted as I gave him his change, and left. 

When it comes to talking about passion, most people describe it as a set of activities. Or they believe passion is centred around one specific subject. 

I’d argue that one’s passion can be spread amongst many things in his or her life. It’s not one thing someone can be passionate about, but many things. 

While we all don’t have to be pursuing our passions as careers, it seems to be an important conversation to be had. 

Passion has become a buzzword of sorts. Maybe a different way of thinking about this is asking the question, what do I care about?

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