Write in the Same Language as Your Audience

If you’re going to write to a specific kind of audience, you have to speak the language.

Here is a list of words that speak to freelancers in no particular order 

  • freelance
  • design
  • art
  • art school
  • design philosophy
  • client
  • getting yourself out there/getting your foot in the door
  • gigs
  • Adobe
  • aesthetic
  • moodboard
  • building a name for yourself
  • portfolio
  • negative space
  • the brief
  • on brand/off brand
  • originality
  • creativity and inspiration
  • UX/UI
  • budget
  • productivity
  • scratching an itch
  • perfect

I’m sure there are dozens of other words and phrases that could be added. If you’ve got some good ones, I’d love to hear them. You can email them to me at anna@habitfactory.space

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