Overcuration is an Artist’s Worst Enemy


Because aesthetic curation is almost never the core solution to a problem. As much as my designer self hates to admit it, making things pretty isn’t going to rid the world of it’s problems.

Aesthetic value is subjective. Curation is a show of personal taste. When we mix the two together, we’re bound to receive mixed reviews from a general crowd.

Gridding and re-gridding your instagram feed is an act of overcuration. 

Overcuration could also be trying to micromanage details in your user’s behaviour before your product has been tested.

Overcuration is also when we retake the same photo 37 times, from slightly differing angles, only to realize we’ve taken 37 photos of more or less the same thing.

Trying to perfect everything is a dead end.

Not focusing on problems doesn’t solve anything for other people. What we can do instead, is learn to find the minimum we need to take the next step forward.

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