The Worst Marketing Tactic

As I sift through my inbox, there are countless emails I pass through that don’t get opened (and probably will never be opened).

 Some of those emails are from a local seafood distributor (not for me, but for the family restaurant). Why do we have email from a seafood distributor, when we’ve never signed up for it in the first place?

Turns out, someone on their team took our restaurant’s email and registered it under their own email newsletter. 

It sounds like a fun and sneaky marketing move to get your product from one spot to another—it isn’t. 

Instead of making us a partner who’s happy to do business with them, they’ve put themselves into the same mental space as junk mail in the mailbox, or phishing emails from Russian princes.

The worst kind of marketing tactic is the one where you lose people’s trust and attention before you even start.

Needless to say, thoughtfulness in business is still needed, more than you’d figure.

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