Where’s School Outside of School?

Learning doesn’t only happen inside a classroom.

Finishing your assignments and getting an A is one thing, but making meaningful change happen in a real environment is another.

We’d be in deep trouble if we all approach everyday life the same way we approach rubric-guided assignments. Everybody would be afraid to get a C- when they do a push up for the first time in months. It would be devastating to receive a D when all you wanted was to learn how to draw or code.

If we’re not going to be graded, how might we conduct ourselves moving forward? Where else can we get an A?  To start, maybe that’s not the question we should be asking.

When we don’t have to be graded, how do we do our best learning?

The bottom line of this post is the following:  Learning is not a grade. Learning isn’t exclusive to young people in an educational institution. Most importantly, learning continues after graduation.

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